Not every church or business needs or wants their own magazine, but the applications of this format are broad. This design can also be used to create a catalog or upscale brochure for digital distribution (PDF) or for print.

Click below to see PDF editions of two magazines we have created for our own ministry as well as for Summit Bible College of Bakersfield, where I serve as a professor and graduate advisor. The smaller file size of these is often only around 2 MB (give or take) and can be emailed quite easily. The actual page size is a standard 8 ½ X 11, full page magazine.

We also do all the writing in these, so we are able to help you ghostwrite or edit your publications as well.

(Note: I have only two samples posted for the sake of space. To see all prior editions of Connecting Point Magazine, simply click here.

Connecting Point Magazine
The Heights, Summit Bible College